Demo programme for educational establishments


Our demo programme was set up to bring our refurbished pc’s, notebooks, workstations and servers to the attention of our existing and potential customers.

Participating in this programme is completely noncommittal and without any financial risk. You can test the equipment for two months, after which you can either let the products be picked up by NTS Computers or keep the products with a 25% discount.  

One of the goals of this programme is to familiarise organisations with the differences between ordinary pcs and powerful workstations. To many people, this difference isn’t clear and often, workstations are viewed as ordinary pcs. Workstations are the workhorses among computer systems. In order to know what it is you can’t do with an ordinary pc and what you can do with a workstation, you actually should experience it yourself. It is possible to carry out speed tests, but the best way is to simply use the software you normally use for working or teaching purposes, so that you can experience the difference in terms of speed and reliability yourself.


The following conditions apply to our demo programme, which are registered in the computer use contract:

  • NTS Computers supplies educational institutions with up to 4 systems on a trial basis for testing, teaching or administrative purposes.
  • There is a maximum of 2 products per model for desktops and 1 product per model for workstations/laptops/servers.
  • The trial period lasts up to two months, after which the educational institution decides whether to either buy the products with a 25% discount or to let the products be picked up by NTS Computers.
  • After approximately one month of system use, a feedback form will be filled out so that NTS is able to evaluate product capacities and customer satisfaction.
  • The institution is completely responsible for the safety and security of the systems supplied by NTS Computers.
  • The demo price only applies to those systems supplied on a trial basis. Additional products can be bought at the catalogue price, as well as demo systems bought after the trial period.
  • To participate in the demo programme, NTS will carry out a credit and identity check. This should be finished successfully.
  • The institution is allowed to install software packages which have been approved by the institution’s IT department.
  • Reselling systems during the demo period is not allowed.

The goals of this demo programme are:

  • To bring refurbished products to attention
  • Promote HP workstations
  • Familiarise new customers with NTS Computers


About us

NTS Computers Technology is a leading wholesale business in the field of used and new hardware. Thanks to direct purchase channels at, among other things, HP and IBM, we are able to offer competitive prices continuously. In the field of testing and packing of used products, we are an innovative company that implements and is working on newer and better solutions continuously.

NTS Computers Technology was founded in 1993 in Rotterdam and has since grown into a well-known player on the refurbished computer market. With schools in The Netherlands and Belgium, NTS is known as a reputable firm, in particular for the delivery of refurbished pc’s, workstations, notebooks and monitors. We serve these schools both directly and via our retailers.

From The Netherlands, NTS delivers to all European countries, the United States and various countries in Africa and Asia. NTS, together with its affiliated companies, has now 5 establishments in The Netherlands, Kenya and Malaysia.


NTS Computers Technology wants to be a reliable, international ICT partner for companies, government and retailers in the field of automation by delivering high-quality refurbished computer equipment, renewing software solutions and by offering fast delivery and excellent service.


Once a credit check has been carried and has been found positive, NTS delivers on credit for 30 days (companies, non-profits and retailers). Nearly all schools buy on credit. Please contact our sales department for requesting credit.


For companies and (semi) government institutions, including schools and universities, NTS offers tenders and requests special prices at, among other things, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Dell, Microsoft and Samsung, so you can always expect competitive prices.


NTS does not only deliver to companies and (semi) government institutions, NTS takes care of the exchange and removal of products for newer models as well. That will leave room in your IT-budget. Please contact our sales department for requesting an exchange tender.


The pursuit of optimal cooperation between our establishments and our partners to anticipate the demand of our customers and end users by means of our products, solutions and services.

Account manager

At our company, every customer has his own account manager. The account manager will be your contact person for both sale and aftersales, so you will always know who to get help from. If you need someone from another department, the account manager will connect you with the right person within our organization.

Technical department / warranty

At each of its establishments, NTS has a technical department and pick up possibility. This way, we can carry out reparations and after sales quickly and cheaply. As a standard, NTS offers 2 years pick up and return warranty on refurbished products, which can be extended to 3 years.


NTS delivers nearly all well-known brands in the field of hardware and software by direct contacts with, among other things, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Cisco, Acer and Microsoft. Moreover, NTS has a large store of used hardware, such as pc’s, notebooks, monitors, servers, printers and parts. Besides that, NTS is one of the market leaders in the field of delivering refurbished HP and Dell. We also offer refurbished Apple products.


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