Our refurbished PC’s, workstations and servers are both prefab and built-to-order. This means you can choose between standard systems or assembling your own system based on the standard configurations and expansions. Please select a system and determine whether you need extra parts, a monitor, keyboard or mouse, an operating system (Windows 11), and what language has your preference. Our account managers are there to assist you.

Our standard delivery time for computer systems usually is 3-5 working days.
Larger orders (10+) usually have a delivery time of 1-2 weeks.

A quotation request can be made in following ways: 

1. Via e-mail

The easiest way to request a quotation is by sending an e-mail to or to your account manager’s e-mail address. Please state your customer number and the type of product you are looking for, and we will offer you a suitable quotation as soon as possible.

2. By telephone

It is also possible to request a quotation by phone. Please have your customer number close to hand. In case you aren’t a NTS customer (yet), we will make a new customer number for you. Our phone number is: (603) 8938 56 28

3. Via Skype

Position Name Skype
Sales & Marketing  Muhammad Syafiq syafiqkarim92
Sales & Marketing  Fabio Carlos fcdonius
Sales & Marketing Sayed Rahman .cid.d9ba4e5433b1f2d4
Technical Hairil Hanif hairil.hanif
Technical Amsyar Arif amsyar.arif666
Logistics Intan Fareesha fareesha711_1

4. On our website

It is also possible to request a quotation by selecting a product in our web shop and clicking the ‘request-a-quotation’ button, where you can also mention your questions regarding your order.